sanja bistricic


VNDL:  Describe your work/process

SB:  Actually I don’t have any specific way,  it’s all quite simple and spontaneous.  My interests are mostly people  – professional models or ordinary people, it doesn’t matter much.

I love all their little imperfections and uniqueness  and when combined with a perfect background everything seems to click and happen by itself.

15. 14.

What have you been up to recently? (trips, projects, work?)

Currently I’m working on a project but it’s probably to early to talk about it and I’m also preparing my first solo exhibition.

13. 12.

Favorite Quote?

“Love one another!”

11. 10.

Advice to other creative’s/aspiring artists?

Close your eyes  and let your instincts leads you (over the cliff 🙂 ).

9. 8. 7. 6.

What are you currently listening to/reading/ watching?

It varies greatly and largely depends of my mood: new wave, post punk, trip hop.

As for the movies, the last one I watched was Streetwise (1984) documentary by Martin Bell.

Believe it or not but I am currently reading scientific literature about plant seed.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Somewhere where I’m happy, alive and kicking!

4. 3.

Who is or where does your inspiration come from? Any emerging artists to watch out for?

From everywhere, people, daylight, music, environment  etc.  It comes suddenly with a dose of adrenaline and all that is left after is peace.

There are so many good artist these days that  I find it very difficult to single out anyone.

2..Sanja Bistricic is a photographer from Zagreb, Croatia




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